Quarter (n.)

  • A coin worth 25 cents
  • A division or district, typically populated by people with something in common
  • The residents of that district
  • As in quarter sawn…the most acoustically desirable cut of wood


As part of a custom design, Jason Burr first inlaid a Georgia quarter into the back of a guitar in 2013. A Georgia native himself, the connection it made was so strong that Jason soon adopted the symbol as his brand and featured it on all guitar builds.

With the addition of one of the region’s finest custom luthiers and fellow Georgian, Frank Schley IV, Georgia Quarter Guitars has turned its attention to offering limited-release designs featuring materials of historical significance. The first design to resurrect historical materials is the Damcaster, a design built with flexibility in mind to allow musicians the opportunity to work with the luthiers to customize features and design elements. The result is a guitar of exceptional quality that carries profound personal meaning.

The display of the Georgia Quarter now serves as our strong acknowledgement of appreciation for the state, its people, the “district” from which they hail, and the culture that ties them together. Stay tuned as new models are launched, and please contact us if you have any building materials that have a story to tell through the design of a guitar.

One thought on “About

  1. Jason I am so proud of you-what a wonderful talent!! Wishing you much good fortune in your pursuits. Heather is supposed to come home with turner in October to look at colleges-would love to see you anytime and know she would too!

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